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Valerie Vendrame

Living fully as a mother, yoga instructor, writer and sacred activist, Valerie is an expressive student of life.  She interweaves inspiration with liberation with the intent to unlock the, sometimes deeply hidden, wisdom of the heart. 

Following a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Valerie worked in physical rehabilitation settings, ranging from physical therapy to cardiac rehab facilities. Her eventual shift from rehabilitation to injury prevention led to her personal training practice in NYC, which focused on children and teens.  With her master’s degree in developmental/school psychology she gained a deeper, more holistic understanding of the mind-body connection, strengthening her already committed yoga practice.

Valerie's graduate work brought her into the world of special needs children.  There she helped diagnose and develop treatment plans. Her interest carried her forward and expanded into her fitness career.  Valerie's work has included this special population since. 

Valerie is a RYT, a RCYT and has trained with Mindful Schools. Her vision is to spread mindfulness and yoga globally, starting as early as possible. Inner Light of Mine gives our youth an opportunity to start their journey with an inward perspective - recognizing their own inner strength and courage and using it to serve themselves and their world.   Her mission is to spread smiles, love and happiness with the daring belief that life is meant to be lived fully, completely and Joyously!

When Valerie’s not teaching yoga or giving workshops she writes for elephant journal and blogs - and

Valerie lives in Rockland County New York with her husband, Sirius/XM host and CNN correspondent Pete Dominick, and their two daughters.


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