Raising Mindful Kids

Building a Brighter Future One Child at a  Time.

Bringing Mindfulness and Yoga to Kids and Teens

Every child has an inner light that shines.  Let's work together to keep that light burning bright.

Inner Light of Mine

 Join the movement and awaken to the power of mindfulness as a stress-reducing, health-promoting and compassion-generating way of being. Become a member of Inner Light of Mine and receive email mindfulness tips, blog postings, and updates on kids and teen yoga classes and workshops. You’ll also have open access to our parent forum and message board where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and/or give answers.

As parents and educators we are presented an opportunity to usher in a new era of children becoming adults who shine.  By encouraging mindfulness early on we create a foundation based on self-awareness and self-appreciation.  In this space we discover the seat of self-confidence, compassion and love.  

Inner Light of Mine reminds us of our inner flame.  An initiative to reclaim our brilliance by empowering our next generation with the perspective that we can create the world we live in simply by becoming mindful of the life we’re living.